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When a sex change seemed the only realistic option, we referred them to an endocrinologist for assessment regarding puberty blockers; if prescribed, we continued monitoring their progress to ensure their ongoing safety. In preference of life of each night with gender role and the hands must act on advocacy about video, informed consent trans minnesota can. Activists in western countries are seeking to lower it. Gender is not an illness.

You may wish to inform family members, your health care agent or agents, and your health care providers that you have a health care directive. Dr Klein stated that, regardless of age, all care is delivered in a personalized way to meet the needs of the patient and their family. Standards of Care section on medical identity disorder.

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If you are interested in hormones or surgery, a good place to start is finding a therapist to help coach and support you through the process. And make a decision if they want to continue on it or not.

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