9 Indian Laws that should be known to public

1. No Woman can be arrested before 6 a.m. and after 6 p.m. – Criminal Procedure Code Section – 46. In case of serious crime only after receipt from the written order from the magistrate, a male policeman can arrest a woman.

2. No company can fire a pregnant woman, it will be punishable for maximum of 3 years of imprisonment.  [If the company (Government or Private) has more than 10 employees than pregnant women is eligible to get 84 days of maternity leave].

3. Under Section 185 and 202 of Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 – At the time of driving if your 100ml blood contains 30mg of alcohol, then the police can arrest you without a warrant.

4. According to Police Act, 1861 – A police officer is always on duty whether he/she wearing a uniform or not. If a person makes a complaint to the officer, he/she could not say that he cant help them because he/she is not on duty.

5. Section 128 of Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 – A Traffic Police officer cannot snatch the key from the car or motorcycle, it is illegal. You have the full right to file a legal proceeding or case against the officer.

6. Automotive (Amendment) Bill, 2016 – If you are fined for a crime (for not wearing a helmet or any other reason) then you will not be fined for the same reason in the same day.

7. Income Tax Act, 1961 – In case of tax violation, the tax collection officer has the power to arrest you but he/she will have to send a notice to you or bring notice during the raid.

8. Maximum Retail Price Act, 2014 – Any shop keeper can’t charge more than the printed price of any commodity but a consumer has the right to bargain for less than the printed price of a commodity.

9. Limitation Act, 1963 – If your office does not pay you then you have the power to file an FIR (First Information Report) against it within 3 years. But According to the Limitation Act, if you file after 3 years, you will not get anything for the due.

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