Call for Blog – Law Essentials

About the Organisation:
Law Essentials is a student run initiative by a group of inquisitive law student having a penumbral idea about the application of law in day to day life. We strive to built a platform that can actively bridge the gap between academia and legal industry. We provide various opportunities for law student to hone their skills. We do judicious juxtaposition of recent legal happening and it’s multifaceted impact on the society. We believe the practical exposure in the legal field is quintessential element that must be provided to a student.

We provide recent legal updates with erudite analysis that acquaint law student about the basic nitty and gritty of application of laws.

To be a ladder for professionally competent talents around the world. We strive to uplift and expand integrative thought processes among all professionals with indomitable spirit.

Create knowledge through continuous research, training and development.
Develop skills and improve learning by offering various certificate courses.
Innovate with highly qualitative professionals.

Chairman – Advisory Board
Dr. Adish C. Aggarwala, Senior Advocate
President, International Council of Jurists (
Chairman, All India Bar Association (
Chairman, India Legal Information Institute (
Advisor, Dr. Adish Aggarwala Law Chambers


  1. Prof. (Dr.) G.S. Bajpai:- Professor and Registrar National Law University, Delhi & Advisor, Editorial Board, Law Essentials Journal
  2. Dr. William Nunes (Ph.D.):- Associate Professor of Political Science Gujarat National Law University & Advisor, Editorial Board, Law Essentials Journal
  3. Adv. Jasleen Kaur:- Associate at Trialbase Advocates, Bengaluru & Editorial Board Member, Law Essentials Journal
  4. Mr. Sudeep Sudhakaran:- Assistant Professor at St. Joseph’s College of Law, Bengaluru & Editorial Board Member, Law Essentials Journal
  5. Ms. Nabeela Siddiqui:- Research – cum – Teaching Assistant, National Law University, M.P. & Editorial Board Member, Law Essentials Journal
  6. Mr. Ahmar Afaq:- Assistant Professor, Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad Head, Centre for Human Rights & Editorial Board Member, Law Essentials Journal
  7. Adv. Preeti Ahluwalia:- Legal Research Associate @ Chambers of A.K. Singh, Sr. Adv. & LL.M Int. Business Law, University of Leeds, U.K. & Editorial Board Member, Law Essentials Journal
  8. Ms. Palak Jagtiani:- Adjunct Faculty, Amity University, Dubai & Editorial Board Member, Law Essentials Journal
  9. Mr. Tarun Singh:- Assistant Professor at Gujarat National Law University & Editorial Board Member, Law Essentials Journal
  10. Mr. Ashit Kumar Srivastava:- Assistant Professor of Law, Dharamshastra National Law University, Jabalpur & Editorial Board Member, Law Essentials Journal.

Submission Guidelines:

Law Essentials is inviting submissions from members of the bar, legal professionals, law students, or others who are interested in publishing with them.

Submission shall conform to the following guidelines:-

  1. All submissions must be in Garamond, font size 12, spacing 1.5.
  2. All endnotes should be in Garamond 10, single-spaced.
  3. Margins: Left 1.5 Inch, Right 1 Inch, Top 1 Inch, and Bottom 1 Inch.
  4. Word limit for each post is 1000-1500 words (exclusive of endnotes).
  5. Authors are required to provide an abstract of 100-150 words along with keywords that represent the essence of the submission. The abstract is to be     submitted along with the article itself.
  6. Please ensure the inclusion of endnotes instead of footnotes.
  7. BLUEBOOK (19th or 20th EDN.) style of citation must be used for acceptance.
  8. The manuscript should be accompanied by a cover letter specifying the author’s name, designation, institute, contact number, and email for future reference. (Authors are requested not to put their name anywhere in the main manuscript).
  9. All entries should be submitted in .doc or .docx format.
  10. The manuscripts must be e-mailed to
  11. The subject of the e-mail should be titled “Submission for Law essential Blog Series”.
  12. Entries that will be selected after the review stages shall be published on the LawEssentials Website. The communication of acceptance shall be made within 5 working days after the submission of manuscript.
  13. E-certificates will be awarded to the authors of each published blog.
  14. Co-authorship of a maximum of 2 persons is permitted.
  15. The author(s) bear sole responsibility for the accuracy of facts, opinions or views stated in the submitted Manuscript.
  16. In case of gross plagiarism found in the contents of the submitted manuscript, the manuscript shall be subject to rejection. (The limit for the same is 15% excluding endnotes).
  17. Copyright of all blog posts shall remain with Law Essentials.
  18. All moral rights shall vest with the author(s).
  19. The manuscripts not abiding by the above guidelines are liable to be rejected. 

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