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Neeti Shastra ( is a one-stop platform for the legal fraternity with the most unique services. Founded with the goal to assist law students to gain practical exposure during their law school, Neeti Shastra’s continued efforts towards this cause has led to the formation of Networking Groups comprising over a thousand law students from around the country engaging in fruitful discussions and deliberate exchange of legal knowledge. Apart from this, our dedication also extends to assisting recruiters in the field of law in finding suitable interns and job candidates for their organizations via Associations with us. We operate with the aim of easing the hiring process for both candidates and recruiters.

The competition aims to encourage law students to prepare pleadings, just like in a real courtroom, to provide practical exposure and gain better understanding of the worm done by a litigator.
The final teams will get the unique opportunity to be mentored by expert Advocates to improve their skills!
The proposition is based on Criminal and Cyber laws.

All undergraduate and postgraduate law students, from any year are open to participate.
Multiple entries from the same college, or cross college entries are allowed.

Each team shall have 2 members. Each team will be provided with a unique team code.

Rs. 300 per team. The last date to register is 14th February, 2021.

Cash awards
Free Courses
Free Publications
Mentorship from Senior Advocates
Certificates and LoRs

For any queries, contact

You can also reach us on:
+91 70499 30716 (Falguni)
+91 95825 93075 (Anna)

For more details of the competition, read here :

You may check out other internship and job opportunities on our website,

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