Legality Viability is proud to announce its 9th live webinar, in which participants will have the opportunity to interact with our renowned speaker and learn more about the topic and look upon the emerging era of such trials and its rising importance, The main theme of the webinar is MEDIA TRIAL V. FAIR TRIAL

Chaired By –Adv. Rahul Tiwari
( Advocate, Researcher, Educator, Public Speaker, Founding and Managing Partner LNS Associates, WCSF Panel Member)

The discussion will be on the following areas –
*Trial By Media
*Contempt of Court
*Independent Media
*Freedom of Speech
*Fake News

Date and Day of the Webinar – 4 April 2021 ie. Sunday
Time – 3:00 -4:00 pm

Live on Our Youtube Channel: Legality Viability

No Registration Fees

*E-Certificates will be provided
E-Certificates will be provided to those participants who will fill the attendance form at the end of the session and E-certificates will be provided to the people who will write a short summary of 4-5 lines about today’s session on either LinkedIn or Instagram and tag our organization Legality Viability. The author(participant) will receive the e-certificate within 24 hours of the post.

For more information contact:
*Ravisha- +91 95607 64046
*Ishita- +91 88512 44100
Join our WhatsApp group:

If the above group is filled click on the link below

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