About the Course:

With the advent of technology, newer ways of facilitating financial transactions have arrived. We are aware of these methods but are we aware of methods for recovering our money in case of failure of these advanced methods?

The present course aims at providing in-detailed knowledge about negotiable instruments and legal consequences related to it, having prior knowledge of which will help in corporate run.

Course Content:


Classification of NI,

Negotiable Instruments Act,

Parties to a cheque,

Liabilities of Parties,

Cheque Dishonour,

Notice of Dishonour,

Filing of a complaint in case of dishonour.

How you’ll be marked?

After completion of the course, send us an email at ledroitonline@gmail.com with the subject “(Name of the course) Complete”, we’ll send you the assignment which you have to submit to us within 48 hours . After going through your assignments we’ll send you the soft copy of your certificates.

How to register?

Fill this Google Form


To register kindly make the payment first of INR 200/- and make a note of transaction ID, Paytm or Gpay us on 9527733855.
After making the payment fill up the Google form available above, to register for this course.

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