About the Course:

The current pandemic scenario has made the whole world sit at home, as a result even honourable Supreme Court of India is conducting proceedings online. One cannot ignore the fact that courts in India are already overburdened with plethora of cases and the current situation has worsen the case. This situation called for an improvised and effective solution to ease up the pressure on courts, which can be handled through ODR.

“Online Dispute Resolution” (ODR) is a product of technology era. It’s a process by which the dispute resolution methods have been brought online, in order to provide speedier economical and convenient justice system.  ODR involves settlement of disputes by initiating them in cyberspace.

For Whom?

This course is suitable for all law students, lawyers who wants to develop their career in Arbitration or Mediation. Business enthusiast as knowledge about ODR can help them in getting their dispute resolved faster and at an economical price. ODR is the future of dispute resolution mechanism and if you want to grow you, should be prepared for future opportunities forehanded to stand out of the crowd.

Course Content-

1.What is ODR?

2.Difference between ODR &ADR,

3.Areas of ODR,

4.ODR Methods,

5.Best ODR method,

6. ODR Platforms.


Certificate that will enhance your C.V,

A peek into the practical world.

How you’ll be judged?

After completion of the course, send us an email at ledroitonline@gmail.com with the subject “(Name of the course) Complete”, we’ll send you the assignment which you have to submit to us within 48 hours. After going through your assignments, we’ll send you the soft copy of your certificates.

How to register?

We believe that education should not be a luxury, it should be affordable for all that’s why we are providing quality education at affordable prices.  

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To register kindly make the payment first of INR 200/- and make a note of transaction ID, Paytm or Gpay us on 9527733855.
After making the payment fill up the Google form available above, to register for this course.

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