Victim protection throughout the trial.
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High Court had preferred the death sentence.

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The Commission recommended that measures suggested that police reforms, witness protection scheme and victim compensation scheme should be taken up expeditiously by the government.

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If they were unimpressed by a mere warrant officer and failed to render a proper salute, he dismissed them like wayward cadets with orders to report again in the prescribed manner.

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The death as result of the hanging in the most of the cases is because of the asphyxia or strangulation which causes the lingering and painful death of the condemned person.

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With this deletion, the special status accorded to the death penalty was done away with and judges now had the discretion to award any of the punishments allowed by the law.

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There are also cases where an overzealous prosecutor may fail to disclose evidence of innocence known to him but not known to the defence.

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Furthermore, to avoid the arbitrariness in awarding death punishment the appeal should be heard by the bench comprising of five Judges of the Supreme Court.

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CLEMENCY POWERS If the Supreme Court turns down the appeal against capital punishment, a condemned prisoner can submit a mercy petition to the President of India and the Governor of the State.

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Court found material inconsistencies in the confession that had been relied upon by the trial court and the High Court in sentencing the accused to death, and had doubts about its voluntariness.

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