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Many code changes and optimizations.
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Firebase Push Notification Token Expiration

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Fixed issues for Android push IDs.

Standard OTP login with HOTP and TOTP authentication supports push notifications. Otherwise, the token is decoded, and the payload is sent to the next middleware. Sending a reminder notification to users on Saturday will not really be a good idea. Just add the code whenever you want to be notified and we will make it happen. Fetches an existing document with the given ID from a Firestore collection. Load PH cookie and convert it to object.

Firebase console, generate config plist file, download and add to the Assets. Should we even show logout button at all if there is no internet connection? It seems possible to verify a user with its token outside the Firebase realm. Use this procedure to refresh settings on Cisco Expressway for Push Notifications.

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Enter a value to log along with history logging, as a separator from other logs. Sounds like a security issue when more than one token is valid at the same time. Firebase Unity SDK is not safe to use here.

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